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Travel Humidors for Every Adventure

Armored Humidor

Armored Humidor Travel Humidor Systems are known for their durability. They are able to take such a beating that we call them "indestructible". Unlike fancy cedar humidors, you don't have to baby an Armored Humidor Travel Humidor. Toss it in your car, boat, golf bag, or backpack and don't worry about it getting destroyed (or more importantly, ruining your cigars.)

Armored Humidors Travel Humidors are great for protecting your cigars duing all of your outdoor adventures.  We use the highest quality cases and combine them with protective foam keep your investment safe while you play!

Featured Product

Model P-14The Model P-14 humidor holds 5 cigars up to 10 1/2" long in one tray and 9 cigars up to 6" long in the second tray - that's 14 cigars in a thin case! It comes with the Boveda 2-way humidification system.

Capacity: 14 Cigars, up to 54 ring gauge by 10 1/2" long (5) and 6" long (9) in 2 trays

Other Capacity Options: The Model P-14 comes standard with 5 and 9 stick foam inserts.  You may also order the P-14 with two 5 count foam inserts OR two 9 count foam inserts.  If you smoke the right size cigars - BAM!  your P-14 holds more than 14 sticks!

Available Finishes: Black, Dessert Tan, OD Green, Orange, Silver and Yellow - For the most part, every job has its perks and bonuses. I have to seriously suppress a diabolical, almost evil-like laugh that would sound something like "Muhahaha!'.  "Bring it on!" we say. We'll break just about anything.
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 Armored Humidors are Made in America!

From the highest quality cases, the custom contoured breathable foam to the Humidipak humidification system.  All products used in the Armored Humidor Travel Humidor Sytems are Made in the USA!


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